Instruction to Authors

The page of Indian Agriculturist shall be open ordinarily only to members of the Society.
Manuscript should be sent in duplicate, type with double spacing on one side of the paper, leaving 4 cm spacing on the top and left along with a floppy. Author will have to pay printing cost @ Rs. 200.00 per typed page of A4 size and will have to bear 100 per cent of the block making charges. Short communications are also considered for publication. The accepted paper will be sent to the press after receiving payment in full. Authors will receive 50 reprints without cover, free. The cost of each extra reprint is Rs. 5.00 per page multiplied by the number of pages per copy. The number of extra copies required should be stated while sending the manuscript. Manuscripts of the articles will not be returned, so the authors are requested to keep copies before sending for publication.

Paper should start with an Abstract which should be a concise summation of the findings being reported, followed by Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and Literature Cited.

In short communications there should not be any subdivision of the text except Abstract (approximately 100 words) and Literature Cited.

Literature Cited should be prepared by quoting the name of the author(s), the year of publication, title of the paper, the volume and page numbers. Abbreviation of journals should be according to the World List of Scientific Periodicals. A specimen for quoting literature cited in the text is given below.

Datta. R. M. and Basak, S. L. 1959. Complex chromosome mosaic in two wild jute species,
Corchorus trilocularis Linn. and C. siliquisis Linn. Indian Agric., 3, 37-42.

Review articles are published only when invited.

Illustrations in line should be drawn boldly in India ink on Bristol board or smooth white card. All necessary shading must be done by well defined dots or lines. Colour, either in lines or wash, should be avoided. Due allowance for reduction must be made in the size of lettering, thickness of lines and closeness of shading. Photographs should be glossy print on black and white. The tables should be typed on separate sheets.

All correspondence should be made with the Editor, The Agricultural Society of India 51/2, Hazra Road, Kolkata – 700019 (India).

E-mail number of the corresponding author, if available, should be given in a footnote on the first page of the manuscripts.